Bamboo Based Tableware: Set a Green Table

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Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants that can be found in countries with humid and tropical climates. There are even certain types of bamboo that can mature within 90 days! This self-generated plant does not need fertilizer and is known as a sustainable crop. This is why bamboo is known in the construction industry and is a popular product to use when making furniture and tableware. 

bamboo-based tableware

In this article, you will learn all about bamboo-based tableware.

What is bamboo based tableware? 

As the name suggests, bamboo-based tableware is made of bamboo. Some of these raw materials are mixed with other ingredients such as wheat, rice husk or cornstarch to form different types of tableware. 

These are more natural products and are not commonly mixed with any plastic or petroleum-based ingredients. Therefore, they are compostable and biodegradable. 

It can be reusable, and is ideal for serving both hot and cold food, making it essential in every eco-friendly household. 

Bamboo promises a sustainable lifestyle as it encourages people to reduce the use of plastic and at the same time, helps to heal the planet. Switching to eco-friendly kitchenware also helps younger people to adapt and popularize the concept of sustainable living with zero plastic use. 

The manufacturing process of bamboo tableware

In general, bamboo products are usually made out of sheath. This sheath is a protective coating of the bamboo culm that grows in young plants. As the bamboo matures, the sheath will fall off and drop to the ground. 

If the sheath that drops to the ground is not collected, it will just be broken down by microorganisms and will decompose then absorbed back into the ground. 

Sheath that is gathered right after it falls can be used in the production of bamboo-based tableware. This sheath will then go through a manufacturing process by being disassembled, cleaned, boiled and overlaid into the desired thickness. 

It is then moulded into specific shapes such as a spoon, fork, plate and so on. 

Types of kitchenware that can be made using bamboo

Due to its sustainable and durable features, bamboo is now a part of the culinary culture. When it is dropped by accident, it will not break. Plus, this material has the ability to handle all types of food and withstand high temperatures.

bamboo based tableware

Here are some of the types of kitchenware that can be made using bamboo:-

Cutting board 

A bamboo cutting board is definitely the number one choice for environmentalists as it is sustainable, durable and biodegradable. 

Another possible reason could be that a bamboo cutting board doesn’t require any chemicals for the production and absorbs very little moisture. 

Sometimes, wood-based chopping boards can have water stuck in between the pores. A bamboo-based cutting board is great as it naturally resists the absorption of water, thus reducing the chances of bacteria formation. 

Bamboo tea infuser

Usually woven from 100% bamboo strands, a bamboo-based tea infuser has to be large enough to let leaves expand fully so that the best tea flavour can be brought. 

Tea lovers can enjoy the benefits of freshly brewed tea in an eco-friendly way.

Bamboo rolling pin 

A bamboo-based rolling pin is ideal for rolling of pastry, bread and pizza dough. Like the cutting boards,  bamboo rolling pins are resistant to water. 

The classic rolling pins made out of wood could potentially have bacteria growing in the pores of the wood due to water absorption.

Bamboo chopsticks

Organic chopsticks that come from bamboo sources are usually burnished to give it a natural and smooth texture. 

As bamboo chopsticks are very light, you can carry them anywhere and of course it can be washed and reused over and over again. 

Bamboo cutlery

Bamboo cutlery aids in helping people to cultivate an eco-conscious attitude. One of the benefits of owning bamboo cutlery is that it can last long enough to be used for years due to its strong features. 

This cutlery usually comes in various sizes and designs so you can pick and choose as your style pleases. 

bamboo based tableware

Bamboo cutlery is not a heat conductor. This is good because when you leave, for example, a metal spoon in a boiling pot of soup for a few minutes, it will be hard for you to pick it up again due to the heat. Replacing metal cutlery with bamboo-based cutlery will definitely be a plus, especially if you have young children helping you with the cooking. 

Benefits of using bamboo based tableware

If you’ve read up to here, you must be interested in bamboo-based cutlery already. To further push this narrative, here are a few extra benefits to convince you:-

Environmentally friendly 

Bamboo based products are a very eco-friendly resource. Bamboo grows faster than any other wood without having to use any additional chemical fertilizers. 

During the manufacturing process, no harmful to the environment chemicals are added. 

Not only that, this tableware can be produced without killing the plant and is easily disposable via a compost. It is biodegradable. 

Durable and versatile

Bamboo products are very strong and durable. Bamboo by itself also shares these qualities. Made into tableware, bamboo-based tableware is mostly lightweight by nature but it is actually stronger than other traditional types of wood. 

The weight and versatility of bamboo tableware make it suitable for people who love to travel. You do not have to worry about packing bamboo-based utensils into travelling bags.

Say goodbye to scratches on pots and pans

If you are a non-stick pan lover, you may be sceptical when it comes to other people using your pots and pans if wooden or metal spatulas are used.

With bamboo utensils, you do not have to worry as there will not be any damage done to your pots and pans as they will not cause any accidental scratches and gouges. 


There are many types of bamboo-based tableware. Throughout the process of manufacturing, no additional non-eco-friendly products are added to the production. This tableware also brings multiple benefits to you and the environment so give it a chance and try it today.


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